Punk Fashion: A Salute to Stylish Women in Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hello my adoring fans and followers. It’s me again, the number 1 style icon of all time. I thought I’d share some wonderful fashion inspiration with you as I try not to projectile vomit this slice of Domino’s® pizza that I just swallowed in 43 second. Man, I swear Ima hurl.

So all of that aside, I just want this post to be a tribute to hard women in rock ‘n’ roll who had awesome fashion.

Ever since I was the ripe, juicy young age of 14, I was enamored by the fashion that came out of the early UK punk scene. I would closely study the style and clothing of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and her Seditionaries clothing line. This female punk fashion icon and entrepreneur had a bondage shop called SEX, which pretty much gave birth to the punk look.

I’m lucky to have the privilege of featuring a few artists in the Freak Mommy Shop that create some Westwood Seditionaries-inspired pieces. Addicted to Chaos makes some awesome hand screen printed classic Westwood Mickey Mouse shirts in crazy colors, and Knit Punks makes awesome mohair sweaters.

vivienne westwood seditionaries destroy 3
A Vivienne Westwood Seditionaries knock-off by Addicted to Chaos. Available on http://www.freakmommy.org


Despite the disapproval that Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren get from many punks for being credited for inauthentically inventing the Sex Pistols’ sound and look, I hold both of them in high regard for their foresight and innovation. Vivienne Westwood has always been an big inspiration to me for how 1 woman-though her designs were initially unpopular and shocking-could influence fashion on a grand scale.

Punk is the only reason that I ever paid attention to fashion, and no fashion matters other than punk fashion.

Well, here it goes. Here are some nods to punk fashion and it’s development.

UK 77 Punk Fashion – The Bromley Contingent

The Bromley Contingent, a name given to a group of Sex Pistols fans and instrumental members of the scene, were always clad in Westwood’s designs. Famous members of The Bromley Contingent consisted of Siouxsie Sioux, Soo Catwoman, and Billy Idol, among others.

The Bromley Contingent
soo catwoman.jpg
Soo Catwoman was a goddess. Cat ear hair, no eyebrows, wild makeup and great jewelry.
Iconic. Jordan in fetish wear. No eyebrows, no problem.
Siouxsie on the left. And that’s a Westwood mohair sweater on the right on Jordan.
Fuck that “Free the Nipple” bullshit. 40 years ago, Jordan was freeing the pussy.
But no one could ever free the nipple the way Siouxsie did.
This is punk. I think there’s a picture of Madonna topless out there where she’s trying to be on Siouxsie level. Could never happen.
Siouxsie Sioux’s nipples under a sheer, polka dot blouse.
Siouxsie on the right. Great makeup and no eyebrows.
Debbie Juvenile in a Vivienne Westwood Seditionaries shirt.
Debbie Juvenile in a PIL shirt.
Not sure what the hell is going on here but it’s incredible.

Nancy Spungen

This whole section is dedicated to Nancy Spungen, because she deserves it. I’d probably wear everything she’s been seen in.

Nancy Spungen in a mohair black and white striped sweater, torn stockings, and her padlock and chain necklace.
Classic Sid & Nancy in black and leather.
Nancy Spungen in a short-sleeved, tight leopard dress with black fishnets. I wish I had this dress.
Mesh shirt for Sid and leopard shorts for Nancy.
Fuzzy sweater with a spiked cuff and chain padlock necklace.
Sid & Nancy dressed to impress. Nancy in an oversized blazer and loose, straight-legged jeans.


Nancy wearing her best accessory.


There are so many more women in punk that I want to feature, but it’s already taken me 2 days to write this post. I’ve decided to split this post up into a series, featuring the fashion of different women in different genres.

I hope you liked this. If you have any ideas for who else should be featured, please put it in the comments.